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How WE can help YOU

If you are a victim of domestic violence the police may already involved.

You may not feel able to support the prosecution for fear of repercussions. Only 7 out of 10 victims are prepared to support a prosecution for fear of repercussions.


There might be insufficient evidence for the prosecution to charge the abuser or the police may have further enquiries to make before a charging decision can be made.

However there are a number of options available to you that will provide immediate safeguarding for you.

We will confirm your eligibility for public funding, if applicable, using the civil eligibility calculator.

If you are not eligible for legal aid, and require legal representation we will obtain quotations from our panel solicitors to represent you. 

If neither of the above are applicable we will assist you in applying directly to the courts as a litigant in person.

Apply for Non-Molestation Order

A Non-Molestation Order is a civil protection order for victims of domestic abuse. The order will prevent your partner/ex-partner or family member from contacting you directly or indirectly.  Ensuring your protection and safeguarding.


Non-Molestation Orders carry a power of arrest. Breaching an order is a criminal offense. This means that if the Respondent breaches the order, they could be arrested and put before the next available court

Apply for a Prohibited Steps Order

Prohibited Steps Orders relate to restricting Parental Responsibility. If a parent has parental responsibility, then he or she has the right independently to take decisions about matters such as schooling, medical treatment, and religion. A Prohibited Steps Order can remove a parent´s right to make such decisions about their child´s life.

This type of order may also be used to prevent a parent from removing their children from the jurisdiction of the Court (England and Wales). In these circumstances, and if you are worried your ex-partner may seek to unlawfully take the children abroad, you should ask for the children´s passports to be seized when you make your application for a Prohibited Steps Order.

Apply for an Occupation Order

An occupation order is one of the court's key powers in cases involving domestic abuse. The order controls who lives in a home, and can be used to exclude those who use or threaten violence, as well as perpetrators of sexual or psychological abuse. If a person breaches an occupation order, it is contempt of court.

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